And now for something completely different…

well… vacation was lovely. My family rocks… I got back tuesday and the trip was delightfully uneventful.

While I was gone, my co-worker friends were busy. Jordan went and made himself a blog (I knew he couldn’t resist long) and he and Shroud are now my virtual neighbors at 1 and 1 hosting Oh and sedotn moved to a real host.
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It’s crunchy, like pickles

Right so… the hold up on this favorites manager has been the add link form. It’s obviously a very important form as it’s the one that will be used the most. The part I thought would be the hardest (tableless columns of checkboxes) turned out to be embarrasingly easy after I stopped trying to cut and paste directly from The Man In Blue and actually thought about the css involved. 3 hours of wrestling PHP into doing my bidding and some minor database reconstruction later and the form actually works.

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