The diary of a lazy bastard

I have never claimed to be a prolific speaker / writer / publisher. This is good because If I did I would doubtless be pursued by people wanting to beat me across the shoulders with flails and call me liar. Why don’t I update my blog more often? To borrow a phrase from the blogger of wonder, I’m a lazy, lazy bastard.
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Ew… dirty

Thanks to Morghan, Katie, Danae and Ringo (and not Jordan ;)) I have succesfully moved. And when I say thanks… I mean undying forever grateful kind of thanks. carrying things upstairs in the Florida heat and humidity can only be love, not to mention the cleaning they also helped with. Although I think we accidentally threw away my bathroom stuff…. oops. Lying on my unwashed and undoubtably filthy carpet in my new apartment is creeping me out though so I am finishing this from work.
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