Up close and personal

sparkalyn.comI put a little something on the home page. It’s semi temporary. Click through for the full effect.

NOAA has very graciously hosted some high res aerial images of pensacola after Ivan. Unfortunately, the pictures stop about half a block before my house. How inconsiderate. Luckily with my proficient photoshop skills I was able to modify the picture to show you guys my house 😀

In other news I have started working for the home football games. I get to drive a super sweet golf cart to help elderly and disabled people to and from their parking lots. I get a workers pass that gets me everywhere in the stadium except the field and the locker rooms. It’s all very exciting. It would probably be more so if I actually liked football but ah well. I like helping people so it’s pretty awesome to have something to do saturdays.

This has been an insignifigant update.

Tugging on the H-strings

Hailey Elizabeth. Age 4 months.Over Labor day weekend I got a chance to spend some time with the sweetheart formerly known as monkey-girl. At 4 months old she is getting a bit of personality now and it’s really awesome to watch. However her new personality is not lending well to the moniker “Monkey-Girl” so the search is on for something more appropiate. The ever popular “babygirl” while unoriginal is very fitting right now. I’m also experimenting with “juicy” as this child produces about 3 times her weight in bodily fluids over the course of a single afternoon. Don’t let the angelic picture fool you. 🙂

An Experiment in branding

Potential logo for sparkalynSparkalyn(the identity… not the person… i.e. not me) needs a logo like Bender needs booze. I came up with this playing around today (the only halfway productive thing I managed) I like it but it hasn’t gone through the “spark period” (the amount of time it takes for me to go from loving something to despising it and banging my head on a rock for ever thinking it was any good… If something can survive that then I usually stick with it..) So tell me what you think. Maybe later I will make up something about the thought process behind it but for now… back to watching Ivan.

I honestly would prefer it come this way than go to New Orleans or Pensacola. We are better equipped to handle it in this area.. less chance for loss of property and life. Of course my family is over there… so I could be biased. But they (The Weather Channel) are showing a difference in surge of about +10ft from pensacola to new orleans . New Orleans can barely handle a heavy rain. If it hits over that way both my sister’s house (in New Orleans) and my parents house (in Pensacola) will be underwater for all practical purposes. Whatever happens though, everybody stay safe.

Speak Now…

Ok ladies and germs. It’s the weekend, I have a plethora of writing to do. I also have some GRE studying to do so if anyone wants to tutor me in basic math (because the Internet eats my brain cells) I will give you a gmail account.

Now on to the real reason we’re here. Would it irreparably damage our carefully cultivated relationship (heh heh) if I moved the links from the side bar to the links page? (which was created in good spirit then promptly neglected) Continue reading Speak Now…


It has come to my attention that I am completely misusing the excerpt feature of WordPress. Restructuring is imminent done. It should be transparent. There is not yet any resemblance to the massive quotes at Mezzoblue and Design By Fire. Perhaps there will never be. You may now go home.