Video of the week

I’ve witnessed my share of workplace practical jokes but this one takes the cake, the ice cream and all the napkins. Click and enjoy.

A Superball Story

Brought to my attention by Shawn, the original iPimp, of kimchee & fried chicken fame who also happens to be the only person in the known world I can consistently tease about not updating. Consider yourself plugged.

Modern Day Heroes: Blair

There are very few things in this world that I just can’t deal with. Things that cause me to go into a full mental shutdown.

There are also very few people that I could call out of their homes at 2am when I’ve entered full mental shut down that would come. With little hesitation, no making me feel more guilt-ridden than I already was, no teasing or chastising or even advice; he just showed up helped me with the problem and left.

Minor or no, it was serious as cancer to me and for recognizing that, Blair is my freakin’ hero right now. So Blair?… thanks man. I owe you big time.

So everyone… Who’s been your champion of light this month? Have you told them so?

In which I experience new things and stuff myself to the gills at the same time

It’s pretty rare that I enjoy being proven wrong but when there is food involved I’m up for anything. I must give many, many, thanks to the lovely Cathy for introducing me to North China Gourmet despite my insistence that “there’s no good Chinese food in Tallahassee”. As a result, the total on my “Chinese restaurants where I could take my father without shame” list has been bumped up to two.

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