Kerry should know better

You have probably seen the links floating around comparing the Kerry/Edwards logo to the Bush Cheny logo. “What you see is what you get” is an article in the New York Times giving a full breakdown of the differences, complete with an image to summarize things. Conclusion? Bush is the winner on the design front.

I got to see the truth of this statement first hand when I received a campaign letter “from John Kerry”. The letter is set almost entirely in capital letters (not small caps either). As if that weren’t bad enough the capital letters are set in a serif font. I haven’t managed to read any part of the letter (except the part that tells you who to make your check out to).

Maybe this is the standard format of all last minute campaign letters. Maybe the point is to make the eyes want to rush through and skip over the text so that we will hurry up and send money. But my reaction was to throw it in the garbage. Someone should rethink that strategy.


Another experiment My last color experiment was a little too sappy and washed out for my tastes. This one still isn’t right but it’s closer…

I think I got fired so now I’m sad. No more football games for me *general pouting* I often have random small things to share with the unidentifed world (and by world I mean you). If this works well I might be able to get away with no miniblog. I still want a shoutbox though. That is all.

Oh yes… at risk of making this completely trivial and also crushing your last hopes of meaningful content from this blog with a hobnailed, muddy boot… Does anyone want to see Spidey 2 in the IMAX with me?

g-harmony : matching through mail

Yay! Gmail has new features again. They’ve also moved the location of the invites (again). I must say I like them much better along the side than across the top.

There was already a contacts list but they moved it to the side and gave it a pretty color. There is a slight problem with the algorithm that automatically adds people to your list because on mine, almost half are people I don’t know.

At first I thought that I was mistakenly looking at other peoples contacts. That idea didn’t last long because I figured after all the worry about gmail security, the last thing they would do is release a feature that shares contact lists without asking. Also it was a very silly thought. Bad Sunshine.
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