Life’s little victories

Today’s title is brought to you in part by the K Chronicles.

You may (or may not) notice a few minor updates to the site (or at least the first page). These have been building up for a while and since I finally beat Wind Waker, I actually had some time to implement them. (YES!)

In other time related news, If you are one of the people I’ve promised a website too… don’t kill me. It’s coming. I do still love you, there just happens to be a rather picky list in front of you. You wouldn’t want something that isn’t my best work would you? Yea.. that’s what I thought. (Note: I would never say this to a real client. I know how to make a kissy face.)

My lease, complete with a paycheck worth of deposit is finally speeding through the postal system to my future landlord. I found out that there is a notary on campus that doesn’t ask questions about your student status (YES!). So although I would have loved to make use of Magnolia Fly’s services… I didn’t need to (this time). Appreciated all the same.

Check out the Web Standards Link Bonanza over at Simplebits. It’s good stuff. Oh and if you want to buy me a copy of Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook since I didn’t win it and I am such a nice, sweet, helpful person… Then well… what can I say?

Random nonsense of the day.

[19:59] d****_nw_fl_8and1half_in: hey did u work at the backseat
[19:59] dat_ladi_sparkle: no
[20:00] d****_nw_fl_8and1half_in: ohh ok

The joy of instant messaging is that perfect strangers can ask you if you worked in strip clubs. I assume that he floats the internet asking this question possibly looking for a long lost lap dance. Weird.

It’s tv time. (YES!)

ghastlier than a thousand ghouls

I’ve been chastised by mr. popular for not updating. So I’m updating to let you know that an update is coming. What a waste of server space. Possibly this is why in all the years I’ve been an internet junkie I’ve not had a blog until now. Actually, that’s exactly why.

Anywho. BBQ at Favenzio’s. It was fun. Funny too. AND I got to see dan Jumbo from the comfort of Favenzio’s cushy chair. Score. I’m sleepy now and theres smoke in my eyes.

Prepare yourselves for a post on either Hot Male Designers fromTLC: An in depth study, The Daily Surf: Where I Go When I Get Bored, or something on web standards or coding or validating… since everyone else is talking about it… I could put my two cents in. Or pull a Meyer

It occurred to me that I shouldn’t use things (mt pings) when I’m not 100% certain what they are. It IS after midnight though so I forgive myself. I only hope that all affected parties will as well.

Here’s to none of my titles making any sense in relation to their posts.

Partly blocked by a dense mass

Wow. Would you believe I’m tired? Playing video games 5 or 6 hours a day will do that to you. I beat Mario Sunshine. Well.. when I say beat I mean I dispatched Bowser and little Bowserino to whence they came. I only have like 73 shine sprites and I still haven’t beat one of the official episodes and hardly any of the special ones. I also can’t seem to locate the princess but I will admit I wasn’t looking too hard.
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Stormy weather

I went home for the memorial day weekend. It was a last minute decision spurred by the fact that Hailey was being christened and I would be the worst auntie in the world if I didn’t pay the 61 dollars round trip for the first Greyhound home.

The ceremony (my first) lasted all of 20 minutes. The actual moment of truth was obscured by the priest standing in my line of sight. The object of all the attention slept through the entire event, apparently un phased by her brush with eternal damnation. That’s my monkey girl.
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