ghastlier than a thousand ghouls

I’ve been chastised by mr. popular for not updating. So I’m updating to let you know that an update is coming. What a waste of server space. Possibly this is why in all the years I’ve been an internet junkie I’ve not had a blog until now. Actually, that’s exactly why.

Anywho. BBQ at Favenzio’s. It was fun. Funny too. AND I got to see dan Jumbo from the comfort of Favenzio’s cushy chair. Score. I’m sleepy now and theres smoke in my eyes.

Prepare yourselves for a post on either Hot Male Designers fromTLC: An in depth study, The Daily Surf: Where I Go When I Get Bored, or something on web standards or coding or validating… since everyone else is talking about it… I could put my two cents in. Or pull a Meyer

It occurred to me that I shouldn’t use things (mt pings) when I’m not 100% certain what they are. It IS after midnight though so I forgive myself. I only hope that all affected parties will as well.

Here’s to none of my titles making any sense in relation to their posts.

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