Confessions of a Daddy’s girl

When I was younger I heard that phrase a lot. It was delivered scathingly whenever I mentioned that we weren’t allowed to do whatever it was we were planning to do. It was the standard challenge whenever I refused to take sides in the frequent trivial arguments. It was the ultimate accusation of betrayal.

Perhaps because I was my Daddy’s girl, I eventually realized that I was only called a Daddy’s girl when I decided to be the voice of reason or common sense in our prepubescent band of misfits. It didn’t take long after that for me to accept the truth.

Me Biko and daddy

Yes, I am my Daddy’s girl, always have been always will be. And if that means that I’m not going to put up with your bullshit then that’s fine with me and I’m proud of it.

So even though he doesn’t even know I have a blog I have to say thank you Daddy. For that and the silliness and the work ethic and the nagging that drives me up the wall and so many other things I would be writing for weeks to get it all down. Because that is what you do on blogs. And because I mean it.

Happy Belated Birthday

Mmm, Canned Meat

Today I visited my wordpress dashboard (for the first time in many days) to discover that there were 74 comments in moderation. For the briefest of nano-seconds I thought that 74 real live human beings had actually commented on my site, perhaps on my thought provoking entry about… my niece. Then I enjoyed a rollicking laugh.

To my surprise, all of the comment spam was fairly high quality. Some of it even made contextual sense- given some value of context. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the WordPress people again as none of the spam ended up on my site, but how could I resist sharing this gem.

There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper.

Spam bots… your logical prowess has dazzled me once again.

Angry situation

I am very, very angry. If I were less of a geek and if my poetry didn’t suck lima beans I would write a poem expressing my anger. Since I’m not and it does here’s my version.

if isAngry(sunshine) AND reason == 'helpless' {
if isAble('sunshine')
if notBroke('sunshine')
if isConnected('sunshine')
spreadWord('solicit', 'all');
if(anger > normal)
throwSomething('sunshine', 'tv', 'offBalcony');
beatSomething('sunshine', 'anything', 'bloodypulp');

Now I know what you’re thinking… a value of bloodypulp can’t be a good for anyone. You’re absolutely right. Good news is that the expedition to Mobile to do disaster relief for the next three weekends is full. Better news is that you can go to VolunteerLeon to sign up to hear about other such efforts or needs.

FSU has some other tips for the FSU community about how we (they) are trying to help. Check the homepage for the Hurricane Relief Effort Link under news. For example, if you’re going to the game this weekend you can take your spare cash and give it to the Red Cross volunteers that will be collecting stuff.

You can also do normal style donations to the Red Cross if the mood hits you. If you can’t give cash stay away from the Red Cross. There may be other organizations that take non-cash donations and have the manpower to process these donations and get them where they need to be but the RC isn’t having it. I don’t know of these places (beyond the normal email forward type stuff) and I can’t vouch for them so I’m not listing them. I’m sure Google and the news sites are teeming with links to charitable orgs that want to help.

In the lovely bit of code up top you’ll notice that donating money doesn’t actually decrease anger. That’s because it doesn’t make me feel anymore helpful. I’m a hands on type of girl and New Orleans is MY city so if you have some suggestions on how I can avoid getting to the bloody pulp stage I would love to hear it.