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Or as I almost immediately nicknamed it, the blog of beautiful things.
From the about blurb:

“Usually hours of work are required to locate sources for well-designed products that are affordable”. bltd takes some of the burden off your shoulders….”

I stumbled onto bltd while looking for a special sort of doormat (that apparently hasn’t been invented yet) and I am so in love. The flash header caused me some consternation, what with things appearing out of the corner of my eye and moving away when I try to click on them, but I got over it. Content is definitely king on this site and it is quite easy on the eyes.

Hurricane Poster Project

Just in time for gift-giving here comes the opportunity to get a beautiful limited edition poster for yourself or a loved one and the fuzzy warm sense of spreading joy and goodwill… it’s a win-win situation.

The Hurricane Poster Project has signed limited edition posters for sale that have been donated by various designers. Proceeds from the sale of the posters are, in turn, donated directly to the Red Cross.

There is some really beautiful work represented and because it’s different designers you should definitely find something you like.
Prices are determined by the number of posters left and the project is still accepting submissions so keep checking.