Not quite the comeback it might seem

It’s been almost a year since I updated this site. I still don’t have content but if it makes you feel better I feel pretty bad about it. In fact I’m only here because the guilt has started to reach uncomfortable levels (not because I have anything in particular to say). So what have I been doing for the past year? Well… I haven’t gotten any new memory for my sweet, but I have

  • settled into my no-longer-new job
  • read lots of exciting and some just ok books
  • posted some stuff to flickr
  • dabbled in various social networks which I would link if I weren’t still horribly lazy. (9rules, facebook & myspace. look it up)
  • become my best friend’s room mate
  • not started drinking gin
  • started payments on car that’s way sexier than yours; or would be if I could keep it clean
  • driven to atlanta
  • lost touch with a few friends
  • developed a relationship with my nieces and nephew
  • not learned the difference between “ie” and “ei” sounds
  • gone to the beach
  • participated in concerts
  • laughed myself silly
  • stopped using ellipsis so much and
  • gone on a quest to find the perfect hotdog

Overall I’ve been pretty busy and would be happy to elaborate on anything you find more interesting than it should be. On the other hand, it would probably be best for all involved if you pretended this never happened. We wouldn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up.