Better Living Through Design

Or as I almost immediately nicknamed it, the blog of beautiful things.
From the about blurb:

“Usually hours of work are required to locate sources for well-designed products that are affordable”. bltd takes some of the burden off your shoulders….”

I stumbled onto bltd while looking for a special sort of doormat (that apparently hasn’t been invented yet) and I am so in love. The flash header caused me some consternation, what with things appearing out of the corner of my eye and moving away when I try to click on them, but I got over it. Content is definitely king on this site and it is quite easy on the eyes.


A coworker of mine (who shall remain nameless) gave me one of these page-a-day calendars after I sent out several emails (and posted a couple of announcements) with dates that were either far in the future or long past. Unfortunately, since it’s just one he had lying around, the calendar is “Medical Blooper: A Chuckle A Day from the Medical Community” and not at all relevant to me.

Let me tell you that “the Medical Community” is so depressingly not “a chuckle a day” that I feel like catching a cab to the airport, buying a ticket, getting on a plane, catching a cab to “the Medical Community” headquarters and slapping them in the face. I imagine them being in Portland. Here’s an example

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