Introducing Mama

Before she was my mother she was an oldest daughter and sister to 9 siblings. She grew up in North Carolina, went to school and got her Masters degree. She taught special education. She owned and operated one of the first contemporary jazz clubs in New Orleans and is respected by legends.

Mama sitting and smiling.

She raised four kids and homeschooled three. She participated in every activity I ever remember doing, from dance to karate, and there were a lot of them. She chastised, encouraged, switched, laughed and advised me into the person I am.

She is everything I’m working towards being and today is her day.

Best Pan-name EVER

Every year Veteran Mas N Steel members choose honorary pan names for freshman members. It originally started after the style of such calypsonians as Lord Kitchener and The Mighty Sparrow but it has since morphed into something completely unique and often hilarious.

Name origins range from playful commentary about your personal attributes or habits (such as Peachfuzz, Gunshow and Mrs. Mike Catania) to your skills (Lord Iron) to various plays on your name(Jshorty, Sing Bran Don). And if you say anything even remotely memorable during the semester it’s sure to work it’s way into your moniker… as in the case of 9 inch banana bass, and sweetums(which must be said with a pirate voice and hooked finger)
But this year (Spring 2006) I would like to extend the prize of best pan-name ever to the new Brazedacuse (pronounced bruh-zedda-cues) Howler, The New Age Monkey
Congrats also to Sean Pan Diddy, Lady Wynx(en?), Pangea, and [various dance movements and gestures] Ross!(or interpretive dance project Ross! for short)

So if someone had to choose a nickname for you based only on casual conversation and visible personal attributes… what do you think it would be?

Step One

Write down your ideas. That means always have a pencil and paper. Then remember where you stuck the paper and as soon as you get a chance, make it permanent. Put it in a file folder, write it in a book, or type it in an excel file somewhere where you can re-visit, consider and compare.