Stormy weather

I went home for the memorial day weekend. It was a last minute decision spurred by the fact that Hailey was being christened and I would be the worst auntie in the world if I didn’t pay the 61 dollars round trip for the first Greyhound home.

The ceremony (my first) lasted all of 20 minutes. The actual moment of truth was obscured by the priest standing in my line of sight. The object of all the attention slept through the entire event, apparently un phased by her brush with eternal damnation. That’s my monkey girl.

I attempted to be offended that I hadn’t been chosen as her godmother but talked myself out of it reminding myself that christening is a Catholic thing and I and my family are about as far from Catholic as it’s possible to get without special permission. Besides, a title wouldn’t change my role in her life one bit so eat that person that got chosen over me. (I take it back Donna in case you ever stumble across this blog.)

The other highlight of the weekend was a bit more exciting. I went to see The Day After Tomorrow with my parents. We all enjoyed it quite a bit and they didn’t even come close to falling asleep which speaks volumes. I think my favorite parts were the instantaneous freezing and the absolutely beautiful storm scenes. In case you didn’t know, I adore storms. Something about mother nature getting violent makes me all giddy inside. The plot sort of weakened towards the end but like any good sci-fi/fantasy there was a nice balance between enough science to make it plausible and so much science your brain falls into a coma and you start daydreaming. I would definitely recommend the movie but pass on the extra large soda at the snack bar as there is definitely an abundance of moving liquid.

In other entertainment news, I have my ticket for Prisoner of Azkaban friday and thanks to Jordan’s loan, I have 32 shine sprites in Mario Sunshine. The game is getting to the point where I don’t want to play because it’s ridiculously difficult but I don’t give up that easy.

Thank you all for the lovely compliments and in some cases criticisms on the redesign. This is all you’re getting for a while as brainsmack is on hold until I get caught up on the freelance projects that might actually pay something. I also got a new (used) camera. Not digital alas.. but a lot more high tech than the disposables I’ve been using. It has zoom… Can the class say “Ooooohhhh”. As soon as I finish out a roll of film you can see my experiments.

I got approved for my apartment! wo0t!! Of course being the dimwit that I am, I forgot to include the app fee. That goes in the mail today. But I’m excited and looking for volunteers to help me move. I will cook / buy you dinner depending on how I’m feeling at the time. I’ll keep you posted… who knows… after they get their money they might change their minds.

I’ll make a more web devical post sometime this weekend because I have a lot of lovely projects that need official written criticism (also known as comments)

hoping if I go to sleep now I’ll get to work before 1pm.

3 thoughts on “Stormy weather”

  1. Sparka! I absolutely love this design! It is so bright and summery lookin’.. It’s tranquil too.. Me loves it! And this betta be your last re-location.. You don’t wanna start hoppin’ around from site to site like me.. *rotfl!!* *kissies*

    P.S. It’s good to go back home every now and then. 😉

  2. Oh yeah.. I am also so jealous of you for odoin’ the valid CSS & XHTML compliance thang.. I don’t have the patience even though it seems to be the way to go these days.. *sighs*

  3. Thanks tee. 😀 This should be my last move (and my last redesign) for a while. I’m too lazy to do this very often. That is until I come across something that throws me into fits of jealousy and shame at ever creating something so hideous… I’m fickle like that.. :D. I actually think I like this though so we’ll see.

    and yes… webstandards can be a royal pain in my arse… but it’s such a nice high when I get it right… yum

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