Validate me baby

Yay, I finally finished the site to a point where it makes sense for people to see it. Sparklit is going to be the weblog from now on or until I get tired. I’m still working on Brainsmack (the favorites and possibly other things manager) but I felt guilty babbling over there.

I added some stuff like added the requisite blog-type content and some links to certain people. If you find anything funny looking do me a favor and keep it to yourself. Hahaha… No really… let me know…. I won’t snap… promise. 😀 I will be adding more links as I integrate my links manager and the blog… the last thing I want to do is update links by hand *appropiate emoticon*.

Speaking of emoticons…. That’s right ladies and gents. Yours truly made an icon yesterday. Ok so it’s not actually an icon yet…. just vector art waiting to become an icon. But I was pretty happy with myself. Maybe some other time I will share my secret but I feel like hoarding right now. Not that most of you didn’t see it already in Jordan’s comments. Ok so maybe I’m just lazy. Just remember, I can do all things through Google with the appropiate search phrase.

Ok that sounded quite a bit conceited. I don’t want lightning to strike me or anything. So to end things on a high note… Sam Elliott had a Wheaton siting and a very freakish religious experience. I hope to have a t-shirt soon featuring Cap’n Jack Ringo. Go see the kenya videos over at iShawns’. Oh and play the games of the moment, they’re hot. James is moving on up. I have to reread Azkaban before the movie comes out… just like Magnolia fly. Oh and Jordan rocks.

Now don’t ever expect anything like this again.

8 thoughts on “Validate me baby”

  1. Still, the comment box is soooo small. Expand, expand, it’s in demand!

    Very sweet. That’s not a solid green background, is it? I see a thin, very transparent white grid over that green color. Or I’m burning through my retinas and that’s just a side effect. Whatever. You’ll be happy to note that I’ve updated my links and changed the description for my now defunct web comic.

  2. I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about jordan although I just realized I need some required indicators. Hopefully that will pull me down to 1 and a half.

    and yes, maybe if we hang around sam long enough wheaton will grace us with his presence or somebody will take their eye out. Oh boy.

    Boy you’re going to love these reasons…

    2. if my title isn’t a link, nielsen will yell at me for making it blue… Oh.. and you.. you will yell at me as well. So find me a color as wonderful as that blue or ignore it 🙂

    3. would you like it better if it were orange? Because I’m all about changing my stylesheet just to make you happy 😛

  3. you guys make these posts like I am not in the “room” or something. Jordan can’t take it that my site has a google rating of 3! Someday you will get there too budy.hahahahahhahah

  4. Of course you’re not in the room. You’re in your little Linux corner. Or you used to be; I rarely see you running Linux nowadays. Good man.

    I have retorts to you, Sunshiney day. Your title should be a link. That’s the thing that should be linked. The “Keep reading…” is nice, but it’s still double linking. Not a sin in my book, just a minor gaffe.

    And I dunno if orange would be any better. I forgot to mention that having a:link be bold and a:visited be normal irritates me to no end. It made me think my blog had less importance than the others when I visited… oh, I just walked into that one.

    More later. Maybe.

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