Fear my whimsy

I need a redesign. I don’t have enough content to justify a liquid layout and my measly thoughts don’t look so measly in a smaller space. So until I redesign this page, kindly minimize your browsers to about 640 pixels. 😀

The links manager is coming along… I’m having concentration issues right now but that’s fairly normal for a monday. I’m pretty stoked that I managed to change the main outfit from a table per link to a beautiful nested list. I have to create a header but I will work on that tonight. After I finish making the current functionality look nice, I get to start adding my own functionality… like multiple users, public and private links, more displays… etc.

I have lots more links today… but I could spend the time linking them here OR I could get to work on the links manager again. Yes I thought you might say that. I will actually probably do neither as I need to go see if Fairly Odd Parents is on and do my laundry. You would think that since I love that show so much I would know the schedule but such is not the case. I will say that I may have to write my own content manager… (or steal a certain someones) just to avoid the corporate expansion of mt before I get too attached… we will see.

Btw…. in case you were wondering my niece doing great. Oh yes… completely unrelatedly… if anyone wants to loan me a gamecube and some zelda or mario so that I can spend a reclusive week or so getting jiggy with goombas, cuccos and world saving… I will love you forever.

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