And now for something completely different…

well… vacation was lovely. My family rocks… I got back tuesday and the trip was delightfully uneventful.

While I was gone, my co-worker friends were busy. Jordan went and made himself a blog (I knew he couldn’t resist long) and he and Shroud are now my virtual neighbors at 1 and 1 hosting Oh and sedotn moved to a real host.

In other old news, Blogger has been all sexified by such gurus as Shea, Zeldman, and Bowman. I’m too lazy to link them all right now but Google is Queen, especially since google owns Blogger. (or something like that)

I desperately want to go to Australia for the Web Essentials 2004 dealy. With a 2 day event ticket costing $452.57… I doubt I will make it. Maybe next time.

This weekend I will get back to work on the links manager.. the reason for the existance of this blog. Heh. I found something to stea- I mean.. use… as a diving board over at Open source is a beautiful thing.

If you’re into gaming check out GameAmp. It’s a new gaming network a good friend of mine is creating and has the best privacy policy I’ve ever seen. It’s free so no excuses.

Since I’ve been throwing out links throughout the post (which explains why this bit of nonsense took me so long to type) here are a few more to send you off smiling. Design By Fire, 800 images from 300 sites, PacManhattan, Schoolbooks and Brimstone (I’ve never read the comic… but the color…. yummy) and last but not least Penny Arcade.

Out like James Gentry is always out.

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