Monkey Girl

Hailey Elizabeth, my beautiful lil monkey girlToday at 1:25am (CST) I had the pleasure (mixed with a healthy dose of exhaustion and a slight tinge of nausea) of welcoming my niece into the world.

Her parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles are all fine and relieved since the child has been coming for 2 days (it seems). Stubborn… just like both of her parents. Her name is Hailey Elizabeth (7lbs 14oz and 19inches) and from here on out she will be my little monkey girl… at least until she gets old enough to be self concious. Congratulate me… I’m an auntie. Pictures will appear soon as if by magic…

8 thoughts on “Monkey Girl”

  1. As I hinted at on Sam’s site, I am now $60 poorer and 2 gigabytes richer. Some idiot signed up for a developer linux account at 1AND1 hosting.


    It was me.

  2. Neeeeed…. heeeeelp. 1&1 won’t let me use header(Location) to do redirects. It’s like it doesn’t support that function, but I don’t get an error, the page just craps out. What do I do?

  3. Never mind, I fixed it. I’m working with PHP and I’m feeling the giddy rush I got when I just started with Cold Fusion. Oh, the delights of a new language.

  4. Congratulations you auntie you! *lol*

    And not you with an online journal! Where have I been? Oh best believe I will stalk you like crazy now! *hehe* *kissies*

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