WordPress Upgraded

I’ve finally checked the “upgrade to Duke” item off of my to-do list so this blog is now running on WordPress 2.

The delicious theme that you’re looking at has been haunting my soon forgotten memories since I saw it several months ago and didn’t bookmark it. Last night I stumbled across it again and immediately snap marked it and started giggling like a toddler in mud. I’ll probably be tweaking things some more since the color isn’t exactly what I wanted (there is a huge difference between in photoshop and in final image that I was too tired to figure out) but I think I like it.
I did all of this last night, hours after I should have been sleeping (just as I’m currently writing this when I should be sprinting for the bus stop), so let me know if you notice anything odd.

Speak Now…

Ok ladies and germs. It’s the weekend, I have a plethora of writing to do. I also have some GRE studying to do so if anyone wants to tutor me in basic math (because the Internet eats my brain cells) I will give you a gmail account.

Now on to the real reason we’re here. Would it irreparably damage our carefully cultivated relationship (heh heh) if I moved the links from the side bar to the links page? (which was created in good spirit then promptly neglected) Continue reading Speak Now…

surprise inside

I like to think that I’m a very practical, level headed person. I’m not prone to swooning, fanatical adoration of anyone unless you count Michael Jackson late 80s and early 90s. (ok i admit… I still love him) But hell may have just experienced a cold front. You see I’ve developed a fascination for Andrei Herasimchuk of Design By Fire that borders on groupie type hero-worship.

The weird thing is I can’t really put my finger on why, possibly because there are so many um… well possibilities. Just go check him out. Be sure not to miss Design Eye for the Usability Guy.

< side note > If by some stroke of weirdness, the above ever reads this entry please note that by groupie type hero-worship I mean the kind that is flattering and none offensive…. not the scary stalkerish kind. No crazy people here… heh heh… kay? thanks. < /side note >

I was a little bummed when I googled sparklit. Although I come up as the 12th result, some survey generation type tool has the first 11 hits. On the other hand if you google sparkalyn it’s all me baby. It’s a nice feeling to have something thus far unique in the mass existance of googlehood.

Speaking of google…. Many thanks to Sam & Alaina for the Gmail invite. Especially Alaina since it was your invite. ‘preciate it guys 😀
And Sam… about that uber yahoo replacing web application thing for ASIT… consider yourself 2 bucks closer.

You, my adoring fans, can now send emails to sunshinelewis [at] gmail.com. Sunshine was taken but that’s not a big surprise (I bet sparkalyn wasn’t… I should have checked)

I’ve been itching to do some personal projects for a while now. I want to attempt to reach Zen-ity. My bookmarks are so out of control I’ve given up attempting favorites organization. Whenever I add one I just stick it at the bottom of an ever growing list and pray I can find it later. I need to develop something (anything) for the root of my domain. I want it to be my portfolio / freelance info / web guru blog. But I also want it to be perfect. We all know the deal with perfection which is why there is nothing there. Jordan, I haven’t forgotten about our project either although it has done a little mental morphage.

Oh yea… and I was pretty pysched that I managed to install AW Stats and get it doing what I wanted to do with a minimum of frustration. Not that it was actually hard at all but the documentation assumes that you’re a web server admin which only happens in my dreams. Nothing a couple hours swearing didn’t solve.

I’m waiting on feedback for the Embracing Life redesign. The Lu & Charlie’s redesign has been approved (finally) and is getting it’s content massaged so I can start coding. Hopefully when I finish this latest round of *cough*demands*cough* I can go back to lazing around on the couch all day and neglecting my personal projects in a different way. Oh and I threw together a little spidey-liscious graphical enhancement and copyright infringement as a belated birthday/christmas present for a freind. If it weren’t for MJ just ruining the picture I might like it and turn it into my desktop.. 😀 Anywho. You’ll hear about all of this again when it gets done.

I have some pictures of Hailey and her parents from the christening… Note to self: add a photo album sometime in the next millenium.

Here’s to 10am meetings on work you haven’t finished.

And now for something completely different…

well… vacation was lovely. My family rocks… I got back tuesday and the trip was delightfully uneventful.

While I was gone, my co-worker friends were busy. Jordan went and made himself a blog (I knew he couldn’t resist long) and he and Shroud are now my virtual neighbors at 1 and 1 hosting Oh and sedotn moved to a real host.
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