Speak Now…

Ok ladies and germs. It’s the weekend, I have a plethora of writing to do. I also have some GRE studying to do so if anyone wants to tutor me in basic math (because the Internet eats my brain cells) I will give you a gmail account.

Now on to the real reason we’re here. Would it irreparably damage our carefully cultivated relationship (heh heh) if I moved the links from the side bar to the links page? (which was created in good spirit then promptly neglected)

The reason I ask is that I become slightly irritated at a certain site because having to click through to the links page breaks the flow of my rapid fire sidebar surfing. I would hate to cause you, dear reader, any irritation. On the other hand… links are static… and deserve a page all to themselves so I can categorize them and come up with witty little descriptions for your surfing pleasure.

To replace the links I want to start a mini-blog. This shouldn’t surprise you as I rarely have anything to say that warrants a “real” post. I am also still interested in the idea of a shoutbox but right now the mini blog is much more likely to be used (and easier to implement). I could do both as done over at Overcaffeinated but my sidebar space is at a premium right now… a situation very much caused by my shortages in the content department.

So… what is your opinion? I’m really interested. After all… this site is so about you.

4 thoughts on “Speak Now…”

  1. Fine with me. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed being listed first.

    Truthfully, I pay little attention to the side bars of our circle of weblogs since they are fairly static. Maybe a redesign would make the reader pay more attention to the whole page. Maybe Jordan is on to something….

  2. I tend to agree with you James… static is boring. But like our dear foreigner.. I actually use a specific set of the sidebar links as a sort of primary navigation for this specific set of sites.

    But… to stick in the mini blog without a redesign (heaven forbid) I need to cut something.. I guess the next question would be… Which of these belongs on the home page? (a) The beautifully styled but undeniable hogger of space… the calendar… or (b) the simple but surprisingly useful search feature.. Why in the world isn’t my comment field larger? So many questions… so little time.

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