Partly blocked by a dense mass

Wow. Would you believe I’m tired? Playing video games 5 or 6 hours a day will do that to you. I beat Mario Sunshine. Well.. when I say beat I mean I dispatched Bowser and little Bowserino to whence they came. I only have like 73 shine sprites and I still haven’t beat one of the official episodes and hardly any of the special ones. I also can’t seem to locate the princess but I will admit I wasn’t looking too hard.

I think it’s kind of cool that it lets you go back after you beat the big boss. I’ve wanted to see the effects of my good deeds in many a game only to be sorely disappointed that I am transported back to the world right before I won. MSunshine not only lets you go back but has new opportunities and a plausible explanation for the pre-big boss change of scenery. However exploring is for people that aren’t borrowing a to Wind Waker.

ZWW is an exceedingly pretty game and I have already collected all three pearls. But I need to lay off of it for a day or so as the combination of the little boat and the hours I put into it after work are making me nauseous.

I’ll get the chance this weekend as I think I’m going to St. Louis. I’m quite weary of Greyhound but oh well. I might actually help drive if Jordan hasn’t made me sick. It could just be lingering nausea from too much… whatever I’ve been doing for the past 4 hours.

Since others have already posted it.. I won’t mention what a great time I had with Ringo, Jordan, and MF friday night. Food, Uno and Harry Potter, who could ask for more? I will say that my mother was excited that I spent an entire evening with more than one person and didn’t have anything bad to say about any of them once it was over… Some people have no faith.

I have new additions to the list of books I want to buy if I ever have some “spare” money. I did some snooping and found Jordan and James’ lists too. I actually bought a PHP book over the weekend. While I’m all about google and online tutorials, when I’m stuck I want to grab a book and find the answer.. not sift through millions of results. I haven’t had a chance to get through much more than the intro but so far so good.

I’m in the midst of a redesign (for the precious few of you who don’t get a chance to look over my shoulder every day). Check out the before and after and give me some feedback. There’s always a chance that I will politely brush off your suggestion but hey… you won’t know until you try.

My regular source of criticism, (guess who?), is getting a bit tired of me always shoving it in his face so I’m hoping some competition will set his blood boiling again.

On that note, it’s time for me to surf over to webmd and check out the symptoms of carpal tunnel…

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  1. good tip mf… the cheetos weren’t doing it for me.

    Sam… It’s a good thing I’ve moved on to zelda. It has a much better plot and therefore less potential for rottage.

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