Life’s little victories

Today’s title is brought to you in part by the K Chronicles.

You may (or may not) notice a few minor updates to the site (or at least the first page). These have been building up for a while and since I finally beat Wind Waker, I actually had some time to implement them. (YES!)

In other time related news, If you are one of the people I’ve promised a website too… don’t kill me. It’s coming. I do still love you, there just happens to be a rather picky list in front of you. You wouldn’t want something that isn’t my best work would you? Yea.. that’s what I thought. (Note: I would never say this to a real client. I know how to make a kissy face.)

My lease, complete with a paycheck worth of deposit is finally speeding through the postal system to my future landlord. I found out that there is a notary on campus that doesn’t ask questions about your student status (YES!). So although I would have loved to make use of Magnolia Fly’s services… I didn’t need to (this time). Appreciated all the same.

Check out the Web Standards Link Bonanza over at Simplebits. It’s good stuff. Oh and if you want to buy me a copy of Web Standards Solutions: The Markup and Style Handbook since I didn’t win it and I am such a nice, sweet, helpful person… Then well… what can I say?

Random nonsense of the day.

[19:59] d****_nw_fl_8and1half_in: hey did u work at the backseat
[19:59] dat_ladi_sparkle: no
[20:00] d****_nw_fl_8and1half_in: ohh ok

The joy of instant messaging is that perfect strangers can ask you if you worked in strip clubs. I assume that he floats the internet asking this question possibly looking for a long lost lap dance. Weird.

It’s tv time. (YES!)

6 thoughts on “Life’s little victories”

  1. That comic is too cute! I went to the K Chronicles site too.. I’m hooked now.. I blame it on you.. 🙂 And you are a bad girl for promisin’ folks websites.. Do you know what mess you have now gotten yourself into? I KNOW what I’m talkin’ about! *lol* *muah*

  2. I think the js error is because I didn’t take out the um… the comments popup line. I’ll do that some other time

    and the text disappears because I forgot the holly hack because true to bug form.. it doesn’t disappear for me.

    Tee, the k chronicles rock… especially the litle victories. I normally read his cartoons in the funny times unfortunately you can’t experience them all online…

  3. Jeffrey Zeldman is my HEEEEEERO.

    “When I see a drop-down menu, I know that a committee sat around a table, unwilling to think through the organization of the site?s material into a user-focused structure ? or unwilling to accept the recommendation of an information architect who spent days making sense of the site?s offerings.

    “A drop-down menu tells me there were too many decision makers, none of whom understood that the user?s needs were more important than their ego-driven desire to win front-page placement for their little piece of the content puzzle.”

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