It’s crunchy, like pickles

Right so… the hold up on this favorites manager has been the add link form. It’s obviously a very important form as it’s the one that will be used the most. The part I thought would be the hardest (tableless columns of checkboxes) turned out to be embarrasingly easy after I stopped trying to cut and paste directly from The Man In Blue and actually thought about the css involved. 3 hours of wrestling PHP into doing my bidding and some minor database reconstruction later and the form actually works.

Ok so the current output is painfully ugly… In addition to that– well why don’t I write my to do list.

  1. I need a way to quickly add subjects and links (which will probably render my current form stylings completly useless)
  2. Put real links into the side bar
  3. Start using homesite to type up blog entries so I can use actual tabbing *gasp*
  4. Fix up the delete and edit links admin options
  5. Figure out why my redirects are all funky
  6. Do some other things I can’t remember right now
  7. Link to to Sam, James, and Ringo. Why? Because I finally have a site so I can link to all the chuckleheads I want. Besides… funny things going on at planet ringo. Heh…

But for now… I’m going to dream of a world where you don’t need 14 lines of code to open a database connection.

2 thoughts on “It’s crunchy, like pickles”

  1. that is true sam… but currently nothing nearly as funny as shroud in the throes of a ddr dance off… nothing. I have to go laugh hysterically now.

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