List of the year

As most others, I offer you my list of random things for 2004.

Best self promotion of a television entity

I’m going for the SciFi channel. Their brand videos rock hard core. Their website isn’t bad either.

Coolest thing I’ve learned this year

That would have to be how to create a Mozilla extension I got the tutorial project up and working and succesfully modified an existing extension. Go me. If anyone wants to test it to see if it crashes your computer, email me.

Biggest fad that I participated in

Gmail. Hands down. A gig of searchable email space that is completely new and not yet open to the public? Who could ask for a more useful trend? Everyone was talking about it. Gmail was the internet equivalent of the golden ticket to cool. People would visit your blog and grovel at your digital feet on the off chance that you would offer to make them cool also. This is assuming your blog wasn’t at As in most meetings of a fad and me, by the time I made it to the scene it was uncool to brag about Gmail. It was even less cool to suggest embarassing or at the very least entertaining things that your loyal readers could do to earn an invitation. Darn. I currently have between 4 and 872 Gmail invites that I can’t get rid of to save my life. So, if you have a great great aunt or a child under the age of 4 that needs a gmail account let me know. Feel free to do something entertaining in the comments.

Biggest Fad that I didn’t participate in because I am poor but wanted to really, really badly and which causes me to think jealous thoughts at those who did

Ipods. Unlike Gmail, Ipods are still hot. They will stay hot for a long time and only become unhot the exact week that I aquire the funds to buy one. Even if that doesn’t happen, I would still be unhot because I would replace the earbuds with my huge and lovely noise reducing headmuffs or some nice comfortable Koss over the ear thingies. Such is life.

And so on and so forth

The list could go on, I haven’t even gotten to The Daily Show or my fascination for a certain four-letter word Maybe I’ll post another list some other time. But for now I think my sneezing dislodged something and I have to go get that checked out.

There are big plans for this space for next year. Most of them are still wandering around in my head wondering if they will ever get out. If any do, I’ll let you know. Happy, prosperous and productive New Year to anyone that is still reading.

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  1. *lol* @ the gmail fad thang.. You are so right though.. I currently have some gmail invites that i can’t get rid of either.. Well I just came by to say, “Happy Nu Yurr” babydoll.. *muah*

    Thank you ma’am and same to you. I have a bit of a cold but I’m having a good new year so far. Glad I’m not up there in the cold like you. 😀 – s

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