An Experiment in branding

Potential logo for sparkalynSparkalyn(the identity… not the person… i.e. not me) needs a logo like Bender needs booze. I came up with this playing around today (the only halfway productive thing I managed) I like it but it hasn’t gone through the “spark period” (the amount of time it takes for me to go from loving something to despising it and banging my head on a rock for ever thinking it was any good… If something can survive that then I usually stick with it..) So tell me what you think. Maybe later I will make up something about the thought process behind it but for now… back to watching Ivan.

I honestly would prefer it come this way than go to New Orleans or Pensacola. We are better equipped to handle it in this area.. less chance for loss of property and life. Of course my family is over there… so I could be biased. But they (The Weather Channel) are showing a difference in surge of about +10ft from pensacola to new orleans . New Orleans can barely handle a heavy rain. If it hits over that way both my sister’s house (in New Orleans) and my parents house (in Pensacola) will be underwater for all practical purposes. Whatever happens though, everybody stay safe.

2 thoughts on “An Experiment in branding”

  1. I think you should rotate it 90degrees and use it to underline Sparklit.

    Once I get over the shock of posting more than once a month I will show you guys the links for some of the variations I did

  2. Thanks for the well wishes and such re Ivan. I think New Orleans (where I am) and Pensacola might make it alright.

    You’re welcome. New Orleans made it pretty decently although it seems everytime they get a close call… everyone gets relieved and then forgets about the issues until the next close call.

    Pensacola got the worst of the storm from what I can tell… and my stubborn and understandably anxious daddy just hauled ass out of here headed back to Pcola to assess the damage and try to contact the rest of the fam. Never mind that hes driving into the tail end of a hurricane *sigh*

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