The diary of a lazy bastard

I have never claimed to be a prolific speaker / writer / publisher. This is good because If I did I would doubtless be pursued by people wanting to beat me across the shoulders with flails and call me liar. Why don’t I update my blog more often? To borrow a phrase from the blogger of wonder, I’m a lazy, lazy bastard.

All questions of parentage aside (I’m kidding) good content is hard to do. For me, even babble is hard to do sometimes. There’s nothing like putting the story in your head down in words to make it seem stupid and irrelevant.

So this is less of a content addition to this lovely blog of mine and more of an update on what I do when I’m not making up drivel to share with the world. “Working” about sums it up.

Home sweet home

I’m completely moved in although still missing a few crucial furniture items. I sit on the floor a lot. Also my clothes are all in boxes. I would have gotten a dresser over the weekend but I opted for groceries. Besides I have a very clear picture in my head of what I want my dresser to look like and I’m not sure where to find it. I want a single 6 drawer thing with clean lines, no frills no embellishment… blond maple with nickel hardware although I’ll settle for chrome. In reality I will settle for anything that gets my clothes off the floor but I can dream right?

The daily bread

Work hasn’t annoyed me lately although our “reorganization” has. Some people (although I’m not naming names) don’t understand what about the new world order has me so irritated. I can’t really put my finger on it either but hopefully the individuals that matter will chill way out once the beginning of semester rush is over. I would hate to have to lay down the smack. It would ruin my sweet and smiling reputation.

Will work for acknowledgement

It is no secret that I sometimes completely undersell my real value in my “freelance” projects. As long as I get food, affection, reading material and/or information that I can later use to blackmail you… I don’t mind putting forth a little effort on the side for friends. (The key words in that phrase Sam were “little effort on the side” ) On that note I owe my good buddy a website yesterday. The hold up is that I’m waffling over the best way to do a double installation of WordPress (which currently doesn’t support multiple blogs as well as it could) I’ve also been hired (for a whopping number between 42 and 49) to give the Kappa Theta Lambda site a face lift. As soon as I get it finished I’ll give you a gander at the after shot. I’m working on a schematic for my parents site and trying not to shed tears over another project that has me hopelessly frustrated. One of these days I will stop designing my portfolio and actually implement it, but don’t hold your breath.

There’s a corny moral filled story floating around in my head from some unremembered source about making a quality ceramic pot. The summary is that if you give two people some clay and a time limit and tell them to make a pot… the one that makes lots of pots with each one getting a little better will end up with a better pot than the one that spends all of his time lovingly crafting a single pot.

Time to make this story relevant to me. Lets say that the pot is really an uber badass design. (Thanks to steve… the phrase uber badass is a permanent part of my vocabulary) Now… all you math geeks out there can probably extrapolate some function of quality as it relates to quantity and time that will tell me how long to spend on each pot in order to create a perfect pot by next week. I can’t do that. This is why the is still a default installation of MT.

Coming soon

As soon as I find a good one, I plan to install a shoutbox (tagboard, shoutboard… whatever) for all the random weirdness that goes on my my comments sometimes. I also ressurected the links manager but now I’m going full scale application style development with wireframes and functionality maps and profiles… the works. Before the end of the year I will teach myself Flash.

Sometime later I will expound on my irritation over the influx of froshies into tallahassee. It is so great I had to call a University professor to tell me which word to use to describe it. It was influx.

3 thoughts on “The diary of a lazy bastard”

  1. Influx does indeed describe the bombardment we’ve been under lately.

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch about my website, just have been so tired and classes started yesterday (yuck) – sounds like you’re busy anyway. 😀 I’m taking a CSS class next month so maybe we can get together before that and I can learn something nifty to impress my instructor. cheers!

    I’m really not busy, just lazy… lol… let me know whenever.. my schedule stayed the same… the joys of not being in school

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