Ew… dirty

Thanks to Morghan, Katie, Danae and Ringo (and not Jordan ;)) I have succesfully moved. And when I say thanks… I mean undying forever grateful kind of thanks. carrying things upstairs in the Florida heat and humidity can only be love, not to mention the cleaning they also helped with. Although I think we accidentally threw away my bathroom stuff…. oops. Lying on my unwashed and undoubtably filthy carpet in my new apartment is creeping me out though so I am finishing this from work.

It has been decided that next time I attempt something like this I will hire movers… no matter how much it costs. I also learned how to reset circuit breakers. Yay.

Ringo gave Katie and me a tour of the College of Law. His office has his name on it already. I asked him what its like working for efficient people. He also treated us to dinner at Gordos despite my need to show appreciation for the help. I’ll get you next time gadget. I do get to start helpng Katie css-ify magnoliafly.com as soon as I get a flat (non-carpeted) surface to put my computer on.

In other news I am not excited about unpacking. Or cleaning. The cable guy came early today bless his heart… so I have Internet and tv. The air conditioner is working like a charm and the ceiling fan doesn’t creak and threaten to fall on my head. All good things. Bad thing? Due to a misunderstanding my phone won’t be on until next wednesday. So if you want try to call me… don’t. Leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll contact you somehow. Even better get trillianated. This weekend I think I am furniture browsing/clothes shopping with Katie. yay. I’m off to go check walmart.com and see if they have anything worth delivery.

8 thoughts on “Ew… dirty”

  1. Sunshine give me a call when you wanna leave tomorrow. Or e-mail me and tell me a time to pick you up. Ringo’s working tomorrow so its a perfect opportunity to go shopping and help you find furniture.

  2. I got everything put together. I also ordered the mattress so they are delivering that today. next step is to get something to put my clothes in. and.. more cleaning 😀

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