Bring in the Poopsmith

Note: This is the first and probably last time you will see me show an interest in politics. Don’t get overly excited, it still bores me to tears. But this is important.

Some people seem to have a natural talent for digging through crap to find the shiny gold bauble of truth. I am not one of those people. When faced with a crap overload I tend to base my decision on such warm fuzzies as initial impression and my internal sleaze detector.
This is why the upcoming presidential election has me worried. Nothing is more crap coated than a presidential campaign and frankly I don’t have the time, energy or inclination to listen to all the debates and read up on all issues and then evaluate the truth and sincerity of what the candidates are saying about things.

Now don’t get me wrong… Bush needs to go. There is no doubt in my mind that
I don’t like the way he’s running my country. My problem is as far as I can determine…
Kerry is no prize either.

Longest Memorable URI in History

John Kerry is a Douchebag but I’m voting for him has some excellent (and amusing) points but is it really that simple?

I’ve always thought that the purpose of allowing independents and 3rd parties is so that people have a choice. But it seems that people tend to vote for the party, not the person which means that 3rd parties are basically SOL. I am an idealist (cynical… yes, but an idealist all the same), so it seems to me that if candidate X represents what you want to see in the white house, then you should vote for candidate X.

Your Opinion is Garbage

Imagine how my heart was broken when an (older) family friend called me stupid for suggesting that. He told me that candidate X had no chance of winning therefore I should vote for the next best (candidate Y) so I wasn’t throwing away my vote. Whoa nelly. Throwing it away?

Saying that rather defeats the democratic process right? I mean if everyone that
wanted to vote for X voted for Y instead then X certainly won’t win. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy and it gets on my nerves. Thats like blaming Nader-ites for Bush *cough* winning *cough* the election. It’s silly. Don’t blame Nader supporters… blame Bush supporters.

What Would You Do for a…

But away from that soapbox for a moment. Because I realize what he meant (although it is still despicable) It is imperative that Bush not be re-elected. It is unlikely that a 3rd party candidate will win unless all Democrats vote 3rd party. (ok so damn near impossible) So the idealists have to make a choice.
Do you vote the way you want to vote? or vote for second best in the hopes that maybe they won’t be as bad as Bush?

Do I make a stand on principle? or give in to popular cry?

Somebody say something. Oh yeah… if you actually think Bush should be re-elected you are entitled to your opinion. But if you mention it to me you better have a REALLY strong argument.

6 thoughts on “Bring in the Poopsmith”

  1. I know exactly what you mean! Alaina and I were Deaniacs before he ranted and the media destroyed him. Sadly, I must agree with your friend. Voting for one of the other party’s is throwing away a vote. Thank god Nader won’t be on the ticket this year (at least not with the green party) but last year it could be suggested that he cost Gore the election.

    rewind to last year

    1. Nader is not on the ballet
    2. Green party votes for Dems instead of Nader
    3. Bush does not win Florida by 537 votes
    4. Country does not have dufus for leader
    5. America does not invade Iraq
    6. Unemployment does not exceed 5%
    7. Sam starts a Job easily at 50gs
    8. Things are good all over
    9. Sam hires Sunshine as exclusive web guru with full control over everything

    As you can see by this highly scientific and well researched list, that I am not blaming Naderites, but if they voted for Gore things could possibly be better.

  2. ah sam… how dare you comment at the instant of my posting and break my comments with your bulleted lists. 😛 and i’m not too sure about that highly scientific list although I like the last one 😀

    Now off to fix these bullets.

  3. Hey Sparky..Just had to come to post on ya site..Everything looks nice..*sigh* Being that this is my 2nd time voting and I know for sure that I’m voting Kerry/Edwards but what are they going to do for me…Absolutely nothing…I wish it was some other canidates that it would be worth voting for. But if Bush wins in Nov…I’m moving to Canada.

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