Well. I switched to WordPress. It’s a lovely bit of application and so far I’m happy with it. The infamous five minute install left me feeling excited and full of a newfound respect for server-side installs and open source code. 1 week, several hacks and hundreds of search results later…. the feeling isn’t as strong as it used to be.

The good, the good and the ugly.

Don’t get me wrong. I like about a gazillion things about WordPress better than MT. Pretty high up on that list is the fact that WordPress is (legally) free whereas MT is not. I don’t mind a little judicious rule breaking in the privacy of my own home but I try to avoid public use of pilfered goods. Anyway… good things about WordPress.

  • Php based and not a <$mt made up tag> in sight.
    So if I want to change something. I can change it without having to study a translation manual.
  • 1 Template and 1 template only.
    Sure there are hacks and things for making seperate templates if you want but you have a choice! Imagine that. Unlike MT where just as you think you’re done styling, up pops another ugly page. yuck.
  • Full standards compliant code generation, wo0t!
  • Open-sourceish
  • Linkination

Doubtless there are other good things that I will notice later. The bad thing about WordPress is really more ugly than bad and a bit to be expected. Most of the useful “how to tweak” documentation is scattered through the forums making it time consuming to determine if something has been done before even with the search feature. Once I get used to it a bit more I think I will offer help with documentation.

Shamefully compulsive

As you may notice, I was unable to simply change the backend of things without mucking around on the surface. I changed the post and comment styles to something that is not at all similar to the beauty that is conversation over at Stop design. ;D I am using a slightly modified version of Mark Ghosh’sNicer Archives hack for sortable archives. I did lots of teeny tiny changes that only I would care about in an attempt to make my blog beautiful.

Then I came across Dunstan Orchard’s 1976 design and wanted to crawl under a rock and huddle in shame. I have seen his blog before but not since the redesign and I never took the time to notice the little details. It’s definently the little details that count.

It’s not over yet

I still have things to do on this. Like seperate the category list with commas and pretty up the archive pages and the links list. Also other things that I forgot. I’m resisting the overwhelming urge to completely trash this and come up with something new but I really don’t have time. It’s so sad.

Moving on ( and speaking of moving) I’m moving this week. I have no furniture yet and also no rent money. Actually no money of any sort really. It’s ok though. I know that any second now there will a rush of people wanting to throw money at me so that I can make them sites more beautiful than mine. Right Sam? Right.

Here’s to wanting to crawl under a rock and huddle at least once a week. Keeps you humble. And also depressed.

Just kidding. Mostly. 😀

14 thoughts on “Im-Press-ive”

  1. StopDesign sure is pretty.

    I don’t understand your “Http://” field. Is it “url”, or are you literally prefixing “Http://” in front of what I type? Should I type “” or “”? And what’s with this check box below this textarea? Why can’t I tab into it, and why is this textarea so small and why is the button labeled “Speak?” (Actually, I know the answer to that last question – your own peculiar sense of taste)

    I just got back from a visit with Eui. I don’t know why I expected him to ritualistically disembowel me, but at least it wasn’t what I was expecting. Heh.

  2. Well jordan. Think of it like the address field. If everything is done right, it doesn’t matter.

    Tabbing is fixed and speak is the action taken when you press that button. You knew that.

    I’m glad there was no disemboweling.

  3. Friends is spelled wrong. Since Jordan sliced up everything else, I put on my ex-secretary hat and looked at it from that viewpoint. I like the calendar and left nav bar you added. Useful and functional.

  4. Ok guys, sorry if anyone had any weird stuff happening. I was fixing the cookies. All fixed now I hope.

    [Edit: 45 mins later] I hate cookies. NOW it should be all fixed. and if not… just don’t tell me.

  5. I tried out WordPress a few months ago but I didn’t like it.. It seemed to be a little unstable to me and the support for it sucked.. But I may just be bein’ a bit partial because I am so used to and in love with MovableType.. *lol* *kissies*

  6. Yea Tee… the support took some getting used to… every answer seems to exist in the forums… you just gotta find it first.. lol. I wasn’t nearly as in love with mt as you are, so them changing to a pricing system was enough to make me look for an alternative. *hugs*

  7. Hi Sunshine, would you help me out? Jordan wants me to buy him a game for the PC that’s coming out the first week of August. He’s given me the following clues to find out the name of this game. It’s made by the largest game manufacturer and the name of this manufacturer has only 2 letters. Do you have any idea what game this could be? Any help appreciated. Terri

  8. my absolutely unhelpful help is commented at Jordan’s blog… If I’m lucky he will yell at me when I see him tommorrow. 😀

  9. My guess is ***** which is manufactured by **** software. Nothing else matched the clues provided.

    Sorry mf… I’m under strict instructions not to tell… I don’t want to risk getting beat by the management stick. You were right though

  10. I [heart] WordPress personally. I’m thinking of switching my personal blog to it.

    I programmed my current publishing system. But adding new features takes a while. WordPress has every thing I’m looking for already in place.

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