Happy New Martin Luther Valentines Bowl

So hi everybody… How ya doing? In effort to cross something off of my three page to-do list other than “watch superbowl commercials and be horribly disappointed” or “attempt to hem pants while watching superbowl commercials and completely mess it up and have to pick out the stitches one by one” I’m updating my blog. (shuddup jordan) Here goes…

Since January 9th I’ve been gainfully employed at a job where goofing off on the internet is frowned upon. The horror. It’s actually taking me more time to get used to that than to adjust to getting up at 6 every morning. Luckily besides that the job is pretty awesome. And yes… that’s all the detail you get. I’ve been a bit paranoid about identity theft lately although I could just be making that up to justify my new shredder. Funny how little obsessions work.

Lord of the Trilogy

In other news, if for some reason you (like me) somehow missed the whole Lord of the Rings trilogy on film you should rectify that situation immediately. If you don’t happen to have a wonderful friend with an overly large television and another wonderful friend with the directors cut of Return of the King (thanks jordan and blair) as well as a spare 12 hours or so… then I just don’t know what to tell you. For those of you keeping count you can now add Frodo (complete with purple shadowed eyes… does it make me dorky that I saw that scene and immediately wanted the hex code for that shade?), Sméagol of the multiple personalities, Samwise and the unutterably badass, beautiful Legolas to the list of characters (including Capn. Jack Sparrow and Kratos) that make my giddy. Ahh… Legolas… ahem.

For Humanity

On a more serious note; If you’re looking to be charitable in the near future, strongly consider checking out http://www.brinkmeyer.org A friend of mine just lost her father to cancer. He was very heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity here in Tallahassee and in his honor the family is doing a celebration build (awesome idea). They need donations to reach the $47,000 they need of so if you can offer anything, go to the website and see how you can help. I know Jamie and her family will appreciate anything you can do.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Martin Luther Valentines Bowl”

  1. See, I was going to post something until you said “shuddup.” So I’m not going to say anything. Not a thing at all. Not even the littlest bit curious what scene with Frodo involved purple eye shadow. Nope, nothing.

  2. MagnoliaFly:
    Thanks for caring. No really 🙂 I’m alive just not at all productive 😛

    No problem. It’s the absolute least I can do. and it’s good when shady co-workers come in handy.

    I see. It was one of the times when he was almost overcome by the power of the ring. I think it was when he was on top of the building in Osgiliath and just about to succumb to the Nazgûl… (or possibly in Mordor when he was about to succumb to the Nazgûl…) anyway he looked up and his eyes rolled back in his head and it was all grey clouds and sky and his super pale face with prounounced purple shadows under his eyes… it was beautifully tragic…. way to go makeup people

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