Weekend tidbits

A Winner Am I

I won an Xbox. It’s almost less about the prize and more about the confirmation that my internet search skills rock the house. Go me.

Obligatory Weather Chatter

It’s finally cooling off around here. Today was absolutely beautiful; sunny, windy and downright chilly at times. and lower temps mean lower utilities and better chance of Sunshine actually cooking something.


I want to have a halloween party without scary movies (or scary anything else… My nerves are bad). Too bad my apartment isn’t primed for entertaining. Maybe one of my projects this week will be to rearrange furniture. I have a (round) table and chairs I’ve been wanting to get rid of if anyone is in the market for at set. They’re perfectly good… just too big for my little space.

Lowered Expectations

OMNI & Peoplefirst are perfect examples of the fact that systems don’t have to be great… or even good… hell a majority of users don’t even have to like them for them to be successful and widely used. Makes me think I should stop holding out for good ideas and start to act on the crappy ones that I have all the time.

Useful link of the weekend

Speed Demos Archive. Just in case you ever needed to see Max Payne frantically rolling through a drug trip.

Flashback of the weekend

Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers Gadget was of course… my favorite. And the game was the best. I never beat it though.

4 thoughts on “Weekend tidbits”

  1. Jordan:
    it wasn’t too stupid… only mildly so 🙂

    Thanks for the grats. I don’t think wasting away will be a problem. I still need some extensive conditioning just to get past the weird motion sickness feeling most games give me.

    So many people do… maybe we should start some sort of anti-fan club.

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