Babygirl: Year one

Hey babygirl. I’m late as usual but you might as well get used to it because I doubt I will change much. A year ago May 1st, I got to see you come into the world. It wasn’t exactly a pretty sight but I’m still glad I was there. Things started out a little rough though. You had various ailments and didn’t want to respond to the doctors they way they thought you should. Since nothing more serious ever developed, I’m convinced it was just a first exhibition of a mile wide stubborn streak that you certainly got honestly.

just waking up

The first few months of your life were a little slow from the outside. It was immediately evident that you were “good baby” with lots of hair and an ability to produce your weight in drool. Other than that, you didn’t have a whole lot of personality. Most new babies don’t so it’s ok, it just made spending time with you a bit boring. We’ll probably never be able to say that again because when you finally did get some personality it came with a bang. You’re incredibly sweet and loving but you balance it by being messy and into everything. Your curiousity is of the dangerous sort and you have boundless determination, both of which are driving your grandmama crazy.

Christmas thoughts

You love to eat, (including things that don’t strictly count as food such as tissue and grass) which isn’t really surprising considering your family. You adore your grandaddy and your face just lights up when he comes in the room, probably because he gives you eggnog and ice cream from his bowl and lets you do things you normally aren’t allowed to do. You have no problems entertaining yourself in your playpen which will probably keep you from many spankings in the near future. You taught yourself to crawl, sit up, pull up and walk with a minimum of fuss. Your first attempts at walking were hilarious because you couldn’t even find your center of gravity but you wanted to run. So you would hold on to my hands and your little legs would be going every which way but your head always stayed straight ahead. When you sleep, every muscle in your body relaxes and you look boneless, just like your daddy used to. You drool like he did too. He will try to hit me for that but it’s ok.

Lunch time

You’re the only person I’ve ever found that could appreciate my nonsense songs. I sing them to you while I change your diaper and you look up at me and just smile as if you know exactly what my non-words mean. You actually might as you seem to have developed an entire vocabulary that you use to talk to yourself. You just started figuring out how to talk to other people and you can hug and blow kisses and give high fives on command.


You have a healthy fascination for the computer keyboard and it didn’t take you long to figure out that the pictures on the telly and the buttons on the remote control were somehow connected. You’ve been trying to master it ever since. You also have an odd attraction to my books of fantasy and you try your best to turn the pages even though there aren’t any pictures. Even when I pretended to not watch you as a test, it didn’t go near you mouth. The force is strong within you.

At the park

I’m just beginning to get reports that you’re starting to hit and possibly be a bit of a spoiled little princess. Let’s just go on record that we will not be having any of that dear. I don’t care what you’re used to at home, you will behave around me or regret not behaving. As your grandmama always says, I’m serious as cancer. I don’t care if you are adorable. I didn’t come to your first birthday party. I don’t really feel as badly as I thought I would. For one, you won’t remember your first birthday party so I can tell you later that I was there and it wouldn’t make any difference. (I won’t though) For two, you have more stuff than any child needs so it didn’t make sense to get you some more of it. Just think of it as me saving up for later when you really need me. I’ll be there then.

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