A Thanksgiving Poem

Lord I’m thankful for my family,
I love them very much
But when we get together it can make me want to cuss.

I know they care about me, I care about them too,
and so this year I’m very clear in what I’m asking you.

Give me the strength and patience
not to make an ugly scene
though my sister has the logic
that would make an angel scream.

Give me the grace and poise it takes
to not bitch, nag or fuss
even if my brothers’ moodiness
will be the death of us.

I could keep writing verses
there are many ways to go
but my own creative juices are running rather low.

So if you think you’ve got one,
leave a comment, make it good
Or even bad, it’s up to you, just so it’s understood


Despite the drama, pouts (and pain) this holiday will bring
there’s lots of laughter (and food too) and other sappy things.

Whoever your family, whatever your food
be thankful that you’re living
From me to you, I hope you have, a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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