Up close and personal

sparkalyn.comI put a little something on the home page. It’s semi temporary. Click through for the full effect.

NOAA has very graciously hosted some high res aerial images of pensacola after Ivan. Unfortunately, the pictures stop about half a block before my house. How inconsiderate. Luckily with my proficient photoshop skills I was able to modify the picture to show you guys my house 😀

In other news I have started working for the home football games. I get to drive a super sweet golf cart to help elderly and disabled people to and from their parking lots. I get a workers pass that gets me everywhere in the stadium except the field and the locker rooms. It’s all very exciting. It would probably be more so if I actually liked football but ah well. I like helping people so it’s pretty awesome to have something to do saturdays.

This has been an insignifigant update.

3 thoughts on “Up close and personal”

  1. I dunno if there’s something wrong with your logo, or if I’m just disaffected by logos in general. Somehow I don’t feel “into” logos. The background is nice, but the white star points are not quite subliminal yet…

  2. i like the background .. not so much the white star points… but the actual “logo” can go anywhere the ‘l’ replacement is just one incarnation 😀

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