Speak Now…

Ok ladies and germs. It’s the weekend, I have a plethora of writing to do. I also have some GRE studying to do so if anyone wants to tutor me in basic math (because the Internet eats my brain cells) I will give you a gmail account.

Now on to the real reason we’re here. Would it irreparably damage our carefully cultivated relationship (heh heh) if I moved the links from the side bar to the links page? (which was created in good spirit then promptly neglected) Continue reading Speak Now…


It has come to my attention that I am completely misusing the excerpt feature of WordPress. Restructuring is imminent done. It should be transparent. There is not yet any resemblance to the massive quotes at Mezzoblue and Design By Fire. Perhaps there will never be. You may now go home.

The diary of a lazy bastard

I have never claimed to be a prolific speaker / writer / publisher. This is good because If I did I would doubtless be pursued by people wanting to beat me across the shoulders with flails and call me liar. Why don’t I update my blog more often? To borrow a phrase from the blogger of wonder, I’m a lazy, lazy bastard.
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Ew… dirty

Thanks to Morghan, Katie, Danae and Ringo (and not Jordan ;)) I have succesfully moved. And when I say thanks… I mean undying forever grateful kind of thanks. carrying things upstairs in the Florida heat and humidity can only be love, not to mention the cleaning they also helped with. Although I think we accidentally threw away my bathroom stuff…. oops. Lying on my unwashed and undoubtably filthy carpet in my new apartment is creeping me out though so I am finishing this from work.
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Well. I switched to WordPress. It’s a lovely bit of application and so far I’m happy with it. The infamous five minute install left me feeling excited and full of a newfound respect for server-side installs and open source code. 1 week, several hacks and hundreds of search results later…. the feeling isn’t as strong as it used to be. Continue reading Im-Press-ive