Easier than email

Some people are probably wondering why something that says “favorites manager” needs a blog (and by some people I mean Jordan.) The short answer is that it doesn’t. The long answer is that I’m fairly lazy and I prefer to leave my friends comments to avoid signing into my email, finding their address, etc. Since one of my friends is convinced, not without cause, that weblogs are Ultimate Evil and refuses to cater to my love of virtual asynchronous dialog… I needed a place where he could leave me comments instead. Of course to believe this, you have to swallow the fact that against all indications otherwise, I do have friends.

Edit: Thanks Sam /Edit

5 thoughts on “Easier than email”

  1. I fail to see why you’re linking to me _twice_ there. Surely you could brave an all-out assault upon mine domain.

    My problem with blogs seems not to apply to photo blogs. I guess I don’t like the fact that most blogs are overly personal, uninteresting, unamusing, and visually uninteresting. I could write a blog by throwing desk chairs at my keyboard until I hit 500 words. But I can’t take great photos that way or make an amusing comic. Nyeh.

  2. yup… I’m still here… I can link whomever I want to, thank you very much. I see past your indifference Jordan… and because I’m a nice person, you’re welcome to post at MY blog anytime you like. 😀

    You know you want to.

  3. your opinion is unfounded and lacks evidence to back it up. I could make a comic by throwing desk chairs at my keyboard ’till I filled 15 frames. However pretentious your views may be you are still entitled to them so play on. NIB HIGH FOOTBALL RULES!!!!!

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